I was born in 1994 in a beautiful valley of Southern Idaho. I am the only girl amongst four brothers, and spent most of my childhood adventuring with my siblings across the family acreage and alone in my literature-fueled imagination. From my earliest days I have always had a deep love of animals, and over the years adopted a crazy menagerie of creatures that were forever "mysteriously" showing up (my mom never really did buy that line).

It is this love of the animal and human souls around me that captures me and provides the inspiration for my work. I take delight in attempting to catch the essence of a being, and release it onto a canvas. A soul is deep, potent, and multifaceted -- nearly impossible to bind to mere light and shadow -- but haven't we all heard the whisper of a voice from some work of art? This "voice" is the mark of a true masterpiece, and the goal I am forever chasing. Art speaks in all languages, and I pray that my work would give voice to those who are not heard, encourage unity in a broken world, and inspire everyone to see the magic in the ordinary surrounding each of us.

Largely self-taught, I look up to such modern masters as Jake Weidmann, Lesley Harrison, Steven Townsend, and Kim Young-Sung. The attention to detail, anatomical precision, and emotional impact each of these artists convey in their work inspires me to continue pushing the limits of my skills. I would love to have you along for the journey! Please subscribe to be among the first to hear of new pieces I have in the works, special offers, and tips of the trade.